Series 1-6: (redacted)
This is what you call “classic Joe”. Mike drew these issues when he was at college. You can skip them. Don’t worry, there’s so little character development in this comic that you can jump right on in at any point and not really miss anything.

Series 6: Eat at Joe’s
Joe opens a restaurant, much to the horror of local health officials. Can he and his comrades successfully cater to a hungry crowd without inadvertantly poisoning the entire municipality?

Series 7: Joe Gets Medieval
Stranded on a strange low-tech world, Joe is denied his usual accessories of violence and forced to rely upon actual thinking.

Series 8: The J-Team
Joe and crew combine their favorite activites: heroism and money. If you have a problem, and you can find them… then you really have a problem.

Series 9: The Planet of Unmanageable Doom
Marooned on a planet with weekly apocalypses, Joe’s survival lies in the hands of a deranged fan club.

Series 10: Raiders of the Lost Bankroll
Can’t a circle do a little gambling without getting dragged into an expedition into the bowels of a cursed pyramid? (Apparently not.)

Series 11: Engine Trouble
So close to the legendary planet Foosblix, and yet so comi-tragically far. Joe and crew attempt to make last minute engine repairs under a somewhat pressing set of circumstances.

Series 12: Joe the Man
In a ludicrous twist of irony and justice, Joe ends up on the police force.

Series 13: The Boobian Tube
Let’s just say this one gives a new meaning to the phrase “To Be Continued”.

Series I: The Interstitial Series
A series of throwaway, we mean, experimental issues that give us an opportunity to use this new digital drawing tablet thing. Anything can happen! Except good art.

Series 14: Joe v. The Pestilence (Current series!)
When the ship is taken over by plague victims, Joe finds himself in the unusual position of actually wanting to help other sentient beings.