Mike Shapiro
Creator of Joe
Mike Shapiro began drawing Joe the Circle in 8th grade on the back of notebook dividers in lieu of paying attention in Social Studies class, establishing both a set of artistic standards and work ethic that remain consistent to this day. The premiere issue, “Joe the Circle Versus Godzilla”, introduced the strip’s recurring dramatic themes of rampant violence, intellectual property theft, and monsters. The comic quickly amassed an underground following consisting of three or four of Mike’s friends, who made up in intensity of fandom what they lacked in artistic discrimination.

Mike continued Joe’s adventures on an occasionally weekly basis in the pages of campus newspaper at Carnegie Mellon University, then in 1995 began writing new issues for the web. In spite of huge popular demand, Mike continues to produce Joe to this day, pausing only for occasional three-to-four year stretches of indolence and ennui. Mike lives in Los Angeles, where he has some sort of music-related career.

Amanda Jurack
Director of Superannuated Savvy

We don’t know what Amanda’s title means, but what we do know is that from this point forward we won’t be asking our staff members what they want their masthead title to be. Amanda became a reader in the late 90s and did a couple fan-art type media for Joe the Circle before being assimilated into the production process. She provided technical support, tirelessly maintained the message board for years, and otherwise helped keep the site from completely falling apart. We’re not sure what she does now, but we’ve never removed a staff member from this masthead and aren’t about to start.

Jeff Yoak
Chief mistrustee
Jeff was involved as coproducer during the comic’s halycon years on the web, and is responsible for such milestones as the site’s first venture into paid online advertising, the site’s first use of clickthrough fraud as a revenue-generation tool, and the site’s first fabrication of contest winners in order to imply that someone had actually entered. Jeff also organized the first JoeFest event, whose success may be measured by the fact that there has subsequently been no second. He’s listed here primarily to bolster our apparent numbers, and because we think this is an amusing photo.

Stephen Glicker
“Friend” of Joe and Mike
GlickerBioPic2 Stephen first encountered Joe in the pages of the campus newspaper at Carnegie Mellon University and decided to seek out the individual responsible for such a depraved visualization of children’s blocks. Stephen soon meet Mike .. and was not impressed. However, after learning that they lived within “a stone’s throw” from each other, decided it would be economically convenient to become friends.

Over time their friendship of convenience became an actual friendship based upon common values and stuff. Stephen constantly bombarded Mike with ideas for his comic … most of which were completely ignored. Eventually Stephen was able to persuade Mike to adopt some of his notions. (Having a car in college had its advantages.)

Later Stephen’s aptitude with computers allowed him create the initial Joe web site and help Mike maintain the site. Stephen continues to this day to pester Mike with ideas for Joe and provide occasional free IT support.