On many a late night at the office we find ourselves wondering about the Joe the Circle readership. Who, in fact, are you people? Do you have careers? Family? Teeth? Shouldn’t you be in school? Et cetera. At the same time we wanted some mechanism by which we could communicate to said loyal readers, sending them announcements of Joe events, pleas for bail money, and so on.

In an effort to kill two birds with one airborne tractor, we created the Friends of Joe club slash mailing list! By joining, you not only get to fill out an intrusive questionnaire, but add yourself an to exclusive elite of deranged nerds with the cultural sophistication of laundry detergent. Benefits include:

  • Email Announcements! We’ll let you know about Joe special events, and send you reminders when new issues come out. (As longtime Joe readers know, this won’t exactly strain your inbox.)
  • That’s it.

So, okay, it’s not that exciting right now. But you will be kept in the loop about all things Joe. Join today!

Privacy Policy: You can quit the mailing list any time by filling out this form again and entering REMOVE in the message field. We at Joe the Circle do not give out, distribute, sell, publish, or make lewd songs about email addresses we receive from our users. So if you start getting marital aid junk mail in your mailbox, don’t look at us.

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