With all the recent press, critical attention, and fan activity that’s been happening in our imagination, we thought it might be an opportune moment to touch base with the five or six people who still follow this blog. (Which was started before the word “blog” was created, and possibly the word “computer”).

Joe is actually, and still, back. New issues are being produced, if not at a breakneck pace, then more frequently than presidential elections, which, we’re not joking, is an improvement over the prior rate of output. The current storyline has been planned out. Well, as much as the old storylines were, and they turned out okay.

In fact, there would be a new issue out today, except that the cartoonist has misplaced his stylus and is working up the courage to see how much a replacement will cost. (Suspicion: twice as much as the tablet.) Assuming the cartoonist doesn’t have to give blood to finance a new stylus, issue 5, or whatever we’re up to right now, should be out next weekend.

More things are planned! A new site! That is less ugly! I mean, not professional looking or anything; we have a tradition to uphold. But we’re aiming for a stylish circa-2008 design, as opposed to our current circa-2002 design. Also color! Once we get a new stylus.

That’s it for the time being. We’re still here. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?