Much excitement is afoot at Joe the Circle web site, primarily the production of new actual issues of Joe the Circle! In contrast to what was produced during the previous eight years, which was excuses for not drawing new issues.

We initially began an interstitial series, a.k.a. a number of throwaway episodes meant to give the cartoonist a chance to adapt to the new medium of using a Drawing Tablet*. When it became clear that the so-called interstitial series was no dumber or worse-illustrated than a regular Joe series, we rebranded it Series 14. We’ll retain the now single-issue interstitial series in reserve for future experimentation, such as with a phenomenon that will remain secret but whose name rhymes with “bolor”.

In short: Joe is back! Enjoy the new material.

p.s. Tell your friends. Or acquaintances. Or anyone, really. We need to rebuild our readership. Most of our old fans have grown up and gotten jobs.

* Attention Wacom! Promotional sponsorship is available! Alternatively, we will accept payments for refraining from mentioning your products in any way.